Natango Music 2023

NEW CD: The Space between us
1. Dezember 2023
JBBG - Jazz Bigband Graz & Horst-Michael Schaffer
Natango Music
Producer: Horst-Michael Schaffer
Number of discs: 1


  1. BECOMING [12:17]
  2. PRASLIN [12:24]
  3. SUPERSPREADER [10:47]
  5. HOPE [11:24]


vocals, flugelhorn, trumpet: Horst-Michael Schaffer saxophones & woodwinds: Patrick Dunst, Christoph Pepe Auer, Fabian Rucker, Tobias Hoffmann, Martin Harms trumpets & flugelhorns: Dominic Pessl, Bernhard Nolf, Axel Mayer, Gerhard Ornig trombones: Alois Eberl, Reinhard Summerer, Daniel Holzleitner, Karel Eriksson, Hannes Oppel syntheziser & keys: Philipp Nykrin electric: electronics, resampling & vocals:Philipp Sageder electric guitars: Philipp Maier electric bass: Thomas Wilding drums: Tom Stabler 

Special Guests: spoken word on PRASLIN: Ben Arogundade rap on RESISTANCE OF HUMANITY: Yasmo


Recorded by Andreas Kapfer & Horst-Michael Schaffer on April 14th–16th and May 12th–15th, 2022 at Audiotope Studios Graz, Austria. Recording Assistant: Korin Rizzo.
Yasmo recorded on April 4th, 2023 in Vienna, Austria. Ben Arogundade recorded on May 18th, 2023 in Kent, United Kingdom.
Edited and Mixed in July 2023 by Andreas Kapfer and Horst-Michael Schaffer. Mastered by Martin Scheer in September 2023.
Band photo by Rudi Ferder (Der Ferder)
Graphic artwork by Peter Hoffmann (glashaus-design)

All compositions by Horst-Michael Schaffer

Produced by Horst-Michael Schaffer

Executive Producer: John Heitzmann for Natango Music

“This album is dedicated to ALL OF US, regardless of colour or origin, but especially to each and everyone suffering from climate change, famine, water scarcity, war or other humanitarian disasters. May our societies find the strength to give future generations a real chance for peaceful and harmonious coexistence. Speak to one another, humanity rulez!” – Horst-Michael Schaffer

(c) Jazz Bigband Graz, Horst-Michael Schaffer & Heinrich von Kalnein; Impressum